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        Luzhou: Luxian County
        Author: AST   Time:2015-1-21 11:25:45

            Sichuan Luzhou news network December 30th news (reporter Ding Nian) this year, Luxian County adhere to the "innovation, deepen reform assault fortified positions, quality and efficiency, accelerate the development of" working for the tone, solid work to promote stable and rapid economic and social development, the county. To promote the "six breakthrough, doubled in four years" development strategy, the new results were obtained in six aspects of industrial development, urban construction, investment, openness and cooperation, county economy, people's livelihood etc..

            Investment capital in place of the city's first notable effect

        SI SHUAN AST MEDICAL EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD since the purchase of 90 acres of land to build an annual output of 500000 sets of rehabilitation medical equipment Product Factory

            From 1 to November, the county's newly introduced project 80, project total investment of 13701000000 yuan. The city that city within 1-10 months of foreign capital in place of 10807000000 yuan (including the continued construction project funds), the annual target task 93.16%; city that 1-10 month province foreign funds 6688000000 yuan, the completion of the goals and tasks of the 90.38%. 1-10 month funds comprehensive ranking first in the city.

        SI CHUAN AST MEDICAL EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD chairman to accept a reporter to interview

            In the opening activities, including thirteen Western China International Economy &amp; Trade Fair signed 8 projects, projects a total investment of 6000000000 yuan. Negotiations in 2013 Sichuan and well-known private enterprises, the central enterprises, Hong Kong and Macao enterprises investment cooperation will be three major activities, Luxian County signed a total of 6 projects, total investment of 2650000000 yuan.

            1-11 month, signed a total of 13 projects, total investment of 7026000000 yuan. Of which 500000000 yuan more than 6 projects (including 3 1000000000 yuan project). Business tourism project 2, a total investment of 2850000000 yuan; the wine project 4, a total investment of 1840000000 yuan; pharmaceutical project 4, a total investment of 1950000000 yuan; chemical projects 1, investment of 220000000 yuan; new materials projects 1, investment of 66000000 yuan; logistics projects 1, investment of 100000000 yuan. Up to now, a total of 9 projects started construction.