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        How to use a wheelchair?
        Author: AST   Time:2015-1-27 16:51:40

        One, the unfolding and folding wheelchair:

        Launch: hands hold the sleeve to both sides pull the light, make the right frame slightly apart, in the cushion on either side with the palm down light pressure on both sides of the fixed tube to the positioning cushion, wheelchair is automatically laid flat. When unfolded, please do not hard pull the right frame, so as to avoid damage to components; pressure cushion downwards, with fingers left and right supporting tube do not, so as not to pinch your fingers.

        Fold: first the left pedal turn up, seize the cushion upward with both hands at both ends, can be folded. Toilet seat wheelchair commode folding: and cushions are removed, then fold.

        Two, the operation of manual wheelchairs

        1, on the train

        A, will launch the car flat on the ground;

        B, pulling in the lap around the rear brake, stop;

        C, put the pedal down, closer to the wheelchair, hold the left and right arm, slowly to cushion;

        After D, people sit on the wheelchair, launches the pedal, put the feet on the pedal plate, fasten the safety belt;

        E, loosen the brake can be carried out in li.

        2, travel

        A, in the process of running, if encounter obstacles, nurses should hold hands took the gloves while on the foot pedal sleeve, the front wheel lift over obstacles, the rear wheels when encountering an obstacle, hands clenched his gloves, bring the rear wheels up, can cross the barrier.

        B, the process of running, in case of large obstacles or step, need two people to hold a wheelchair frame on both sides, the wheelchair flat carried over obstacles. To be backward downhill, with both hands holding the pushing ring, to force control downhill speed, need to have the nursing personnel control slope is too steep, nursing staff should fall slowly downhill, uphill is the normal implementation.

        3, get off

        A, stop standing brake;

        B, turn up the pedal;

        C, feet on the ground;

        D, release the safety belt;

        E, holding the handrail or by paramedics from the wheelchair stood.

        4,Adjust the height of the pedal board

        A, pedal pipe had a total of 4 adjusting holes, each section height of 3cm, according to the ride height and leg length is adjusted to the appropriate height, but the pedal from the ground not less than 5cm;

        B, accessory for inner six angle wrench to loosen and remove the retaining bolt on the pedal plate;

        C, adjust the pedal to the proper height position of the hole, a bolt lock.

        5, maintenance and maintenance

        The screw and the rear spokes check the front wheel, rear wheel, brake and so on various parts of the stand should be wheelchair before use, if loose, please lock (due to transport bumpy because, may cause the wheelchair loose screw)

        B, check the tire inflation is normal, such as a gas shortage, please timely inflatable, inflatable bike the same method and;

        C, the wheelchair in the use process, regular monthly check all parts of motor, the screw and the rear spokes is loose, if loose, timely locking, so as to avoid potential safety hazard;

        D, the active part of the weekly should add the lubricating oil, to prevent movement is not flexible;

        E, the wheelchair after use, with a soft dry cloth to wipe clean surface moisture, dirt, stored in a dry place, avoid damp rust; cushion, backrest should keep clean, to prevent the breeding of bacteria.

        Three, the operation of electric wheelchair

        Before 1, sitting in a wheelchair, please check:

        A, power is off;

        Clutch B, two motor are in occlusion state, namely the electric state;

        C, the foot pedal to turn up, sitting in the wheelchair, then pedal down.

        2, into his wheelchair after notice:

        A, fasten the safety belt;

        B, turn on the power, indicating the exhibit of lanterns lit; according to the speed reducing key to speed to the lowest skilled operation later, according to the need of adjusting speed.

        C, the control lever can also control the speed and direction to the direction of travel, slowly pushing the joystick, electromagnetic brake and uttered a cry of "click" to loosen the electric wheelchair, then start running, increase the lever to promote amplitude can be accelerated, whereas deceleration.

        3, travel:

        A, if you want to travel in an electric wheelchair stop, just let go the operating lever can be reset, stable parking;

        B, in advance of the time, if a sudden pull back the joystick, the wheelchair will quickly stop (braking distance will decrease), the highest speed limiter button brake adjustable electric confined to a wheelchair, the user can according to their physical condition and road choice of electric wheelchair running speed.

        C, if you want to reverse back slowly pull the lever, and determine the rear without obstacles; when using the electric wheelchair manual mode, should clutch switch to the state of separation.

        4, battery and charger:

        A, an electric wheelchair before use, should first check the battery, power is insufficient, should be timely charging;

        B, if the battery fully discharge will shorten battery service life, in order to ensure the normal service life of the battery, after use should be timely charging;

        C, the power supply is switched on, the electric quantity display exhibit of lanterns lit, display the battery remaining capacity of about.

        Four, the use of wheelchairs matters needing attention

        A, can not be trampled under foot pedal on the wheelchair;

        B, is strictly prohibited without brakes brake under standing wheelchair;

        C, the wheelchair in the running process, especially the downhill prohibited the use of standing brake, avoid the wheelchair tipping made adult injury; fasteners monthly check wheelchair, if loose, timely tightening;

        D, prohibited the use of electric wheelchair in the rain.