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        What kind of people who need a wheelchair?
        Author: AST   Time:2015-1-27 16:42:09

               Now many people know of wheelchair has some misunderstanding, think the wheelchair is disabled personnel needs, and now also walk not to need to use wheelchairs. In fact, many people to walk has been very difficult, but the psychological cannot accept wheelchair, insist on walking, finally lead to leg condition worse, in order to avoid injury to two times into walking inconvenience, should choose a suitable wheelchairs for them, so that they can use a wheelchair for physical exercise and take part in social activities. So, have the following conditions, people should use a wheelchair:

        ? Were equipped with the basic ability to walk, but long time walking difficulty;

        ? The decreased ability were walking, walking with difficulty self;

        ? Brain problems cause were unable to effectively control the limbs to walk;

        ? Were lower limb amputation or paralysis, walking ability was lost or significant risk;

        ? Fracture healing time were;

               When an old man, because bone hyperplasia or osteoporosis and other small problems, caused the difficulty in walking, as not to trouble the family, still insist on your walk, finally leading to fractures and other issues not recover, for health, for the old man to have a healthy happy late years, please prepare a suitable wheelchair for elderly people.

               Stroke, paralysis patients, due to the long bed, every day to the ceiling, and the turbidity of the air in the room, the patient must bear the physical pain, but also bear the mental torture, the patient's emotional irritability, psychological pressure is not a long-term remission, makes the family or the nursing staff in the process of care not with the patient of normal communication that caused a lot of conflicts in the family. So, there is a suitable wheelchair, make the patient can absorb the fresh air outside to enjoy the sun, shining, psychological sweep away the haze. And in the process of communication with people, the attention of the patient transfer, make family conflicts effectively relieve. Therefore, the purchase of a suitable wheelchairs for the patient is very necessary.

               Because the brain problems cannot walk in the room the patient, this narrow space, make the patient can lead to long-term exchanges with the outside world, speaking of physical condition is dropped, so that the recovery of the patient may be very slim. So, should they buy a suitable wheelchair is necessary.