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        Customer Service

        A quality assurance

        1. according to the product in line with standard scope, standard, GB set quality standards;

        2. product quality according to the relevant provisions of the "law of the people's Republic of China product quality supervision regulations" three packs of requirements (repair, replacement, Bao Tui);

        3. for matters not belonging to the responsibility of the supplier, demander proposed, by both sides through consultation.

        Two.delivery guarantee

        1. the buyer can by telephone, e-mail, fax, or by the designated personnel to the supplier to buy goods billing delivery;

        2. the city batch commodity supplier can be delivery to the buyer, carry out acceptance bill;

        3. the proposed requirements, the supplier responds resolved within 24 hours. Special circumstances, the two sides through consultation.

        Three. back adjustable goods regulations

        1. sell goods where users directly without the use of and no loss of dirt, packaging integrity, after consultation to return within a week.

        2. goods sold is indeed the quality problem, according to the quality of law, and is responsible for the guaranteed repair, replacement and return within the prescribed time limit.

        3. consumer goods sold is used improperly, custody of improper, cause damage shall be returned, but can help repair costs by the consumers themselves.

        4. sold goods comply with adjustable back conditions, such as the case of price adjustment, on the high according to the original back tone; for lower price adjustment is according to the day of withdrawal.

        5. special customization, processing of goods, after-sales not back adjustment.