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        Leadership speech


        Dear friends, customers:

        Astor medical devices have a great dream, that is to become a global value, the competitiveness and influence of the trust and respect of medical equipment enterprises.

        The realization of the dream we need to deeply understand the commercial value, that is communicated with the borderless world, service.

        The realization of dreams requires us to deeply understand the relationship between science and technology, manufacturing and commerce, that is innovative and professional increment value through.

        The realization of the dream we need to always uphold the Astor group "love life, health care" concept, dedicated to provide constant exceeds expectations health services for human.

        The realization of dreams still need we never meet in learning, never stop to grow, become perfect literacy achievement desirable enterprise.

        The realization of the dream we need the courage to assume, earnestly fulfill their social responsibility, responsibility to the society of light transmission!

        Every day, we can realize the dream of one step closer.

        Every day, we are all for the realization of the dream diligently strive after.

        We believe, we on the right road!

        General manager Shen Jiangtao