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        Company profile

            Sichuan AST Medical Equipment Co., Ltd, is specialized is engaged in the research, development, production and sales of rehabilitation equipment, care equipment, medical electronics and its supporting products integrated enterprise. The main products are confined to a wheelchair, commode chairs, walker, crutches, medical bed and hospital furniture
            Company is located in sichuan province filter county industrial park area C, and while luzhou high-tech pharmaceutical industrial park, covers an area of 96666.7  square meter.
            Company investment 190 million yuan, is the chairman, led the team of elite after the great achievements of medical device industry in guangdong, the three counties at the investment promotion and capital introduction founded his medical equipment manufacturing enterprises. 
            The company spirit of "science and technology innovation, quality and time synchronization, provides the high quality of rehabilitation care products" the management policy, improving product technology content, product quality and after-sales service. We have a professional development design team from Taiwan, products accord with human body engineering, each style has different functions can meet the demand of users. 
            Follow the scientific outlook on development has been the head of the company, with sharp eyes, the introduction of international authoritative theory as guidelines for the scientific management, the company quality management system passed the ISO9001:2008 and ISO13485:2003 2003 quality management system certification, products have passed the European CE certification and FDA certification, products are exported to Europe and the United States and more than 100 countries, and will continue to develop the domestic market.      Consider what the quality and service is vital to our customers,the production sequence is under control and the techniques are 

        being steadily improved.

            Up to now,we have the high quality machining line,manual welding line,machine welding line,Aluminum  heat processing line,
        Automaticlly powder coating and liquid painting line,injection line,stitching line and full automaticlly carton production line.
            With all of this processing equipment we can ensure to bring our customers a high quality and well service,thus,it greatly lead a 

        appropriate lead time.

            "To give back to society, assistive for poverty alleviation, compassion, affection warm care", sichuan astor medical instrument co., LTD has been the philanthropy as responsibility, actively participate in and support the work of poverty alleviation assistive in some cities, as to the society. The first-class quality products, provide the best quality service is the astor person's forever pursue! The astor people will always adhering to the "first-class" spirit of enterprise, adhere to honesty, quality, technology innovation, respect knowledge, respect talented person's fine traditions, unite as one, meet the challenge, create astor better tomorrow!